Through a process completely tailored to you, Mythika Couture will guide you through every step, from concept, design, and creation. You share your ideas, and Kirsten will bring them to life. From sourcing specialised fabrics, drafting a custom pattern, and crafting the garment, you will receive a bespoke bridal gown that perfectly fits your body.


To begin the process, please contact Kirsten and arrange a free initial consultation to discuss your inspiration and specific requirements. Through this initial consult, Kirsten will start to develop a vision for your gown and will then provide an illustrated design with a detailed quote. 

Throughout the creation of your gown, Kirsten will arrange a minimum of 4 fittings over the period of at least 12 weeks. To ensure your gown will fit perfectly, Kirsten will create a toile (mock-up garment typically made with alternate fabric) before creating your gown, gradually honing the design and fit over the subsequent fittings. Then it will be time to attend a final fitting to ensure everything is perfect before your big day.